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Trends Equity

 “I worked with John first at my first company, Software Productivity Group, where he served as editor of Application Development Trends and a partner in the business. We sold the publication in 1996. John worked with me on conference content development for internet.com, and then joined us at Trends Equity in 2016, where he is editor of the AI Trends newsletter publication. John is a savvy technology journalist, good writer and conscientious worker.”

Cape Cod Life Magazine


“John brought the idea of  the Blue Economy Supplement to us in January 2017, as a sponsored supplement focused on calling attention to marine and infrastructure engineering firms on Cape Cod. He successfully sold and wrote the first supplement, and worked with our  sales, editorial and production team to have it published in the July 2017 issue. John is a creative publishing professional who is in a position to help technology companies tell their stories in a compelling way.”

-Brian Shortsleeve, Owner, Publisher and Founder, Cape Cod Life Publications


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